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poche parole…si tratta di un interessante blog che vogliamo presentarvi attraverso una piccola galleria di alcune immagini che abbiamo selezionato.


Alex Andreyev

  • The film action occurs on a planet called, “Pluk”. It’s a desert-like planet where high-tech civilization has gone through full cultural collapse: the style of the buildings, gadgets, vehicles – it’s negligent, careless, and everything looks as though it’s made out of scrap.

    I’ve used just one method when creating concept art for this movie. In the first stage I make a pencil drawing, which I then scan and take into Photoshop. I set the canvas to 2048 by 1107 pixels using the Multiply layer blending modefor the sketch layer. I fill the background with the basic color of the composition. I then create a new layer between the pencil drawing and the background onto which I set the atmosphere with a simple brush (hard edged with Opacity Jitter controlled by Pen Pressure). I keep painting, adding more of the finer details. In a layer above the pencil drawing I then create patches of light and flashes. And finally I impose textures onto the image, adding a sense of realness, using the Overlay blending mode – usually rusty metal textures.