Michael Ackerman




Born on 3rd of September 1967 in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1974 his famili moves to New York where in 1985 he goes to New York University in Alabany, but in the end he starts photographing and gets worse at school.

He leaves University in 1990 goes back to NY to shoot streets, night-clubs, docks. Starts his own darkroom in his mother’s kitchen. He also has his first individual exhibition at Alabany Centre Galleries. He works sending weekly pictures to New York Perspectives – free city newspaper.

In 1993 he goes to India for the first time where among different cities that he shoots, the most charming for Ackerman is Benares – which he visits many times.

In 1995 he starts working for the Village Voice. He designs his first slideshow for New York University Students. This will be the way to present his works in the future (pictures combined with music). He meets Barbara Millstein who works for Brooklyn Museum – she buys from him three photos for the Museum’s collection and declares strong support. Michael goes to India again, worked in Benares. After coming back to New York he meets The Cohen brothers – film directors, with whom he starts a longterm friendship and artistic cooperation.

In 1996 he meets Margaret Bodell with help of which he has his first exhibition in New York City. He goes to Italy where he has his first European exhibition in Brescia at Ken Damy Museum. He starts cooperation with Elena Ceratti from Grazia Neri agency and gallery in Milano. He shares darkroom in New York with photographers like: Teru Kuwayama, Gigi Cohen and Sean Sime. He shoots Times Square Streets when it turnes into turist paradise.













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